Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Business

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January 26, 2023

A professional website is the most powerful business tool available. It is an absolute must for any freelancer — make sure your site is a great one that stands out from the crowd

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before websites existed, with all of their information and power at your fingertips. They are so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine functioning as a business without one. And yet some still try to do exactly that. 

No need to break the bank

When starting a new business, there can be a lot of costs involved, and building a quality website can certainly be an intimidating one of them. Some new businesses think they can squeak by without a site and just rely on word of mouth or sheer luck. While success as a freelancer or virtual assistant without a professional website isn’t necessarily impossible, a website is perhaps the single most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

Even if it’s just a super basic one page informational site, it can and will make the difference between being found and hired versus sitting in a dimly lit room, waiting for the phone to ring. So much information can be conveyed so simply — who you are, where you can be reached, what your hours are, why you’re the very best at what you do, your vibe or voice or tone — all on a basic but engaging website.

Your information needs to be immediately available. Who doesn’t carry a smartphone with them today? And who doesn’t check it constantly to inform themselves about the world around them? If you’re like most of the planet, the very first thing you’ll do to locate or research any product or business is turn to the web. 

Building your virtual assistant website doesn’t need to be a behemoth project with a hundred pages and sparkly blinky attention getters, but it does need to convey what your business is about and why someone should choose you over all the other options, and it needs to look clean and professional. 

This is what inspired the launch of Virtualcopia in the first place — to help new entrepreneurs stand out among all of the others in their field, and to do it in a way that reflects their specific, individual values and missions. We believe everyone can succeed, and we work hard to help our clients achieve their goals by giving them the tools and guidance to find their path to success on their own terms, but above all by crafting the highest quality business websites. We aim to be the best at one thing, rather than average at everything, which is why we focus on the online service provider, freelancer, and virtual assistant niches specifically. 

Websites for the people

We believe that every business needs and deserves a high quality website, and we strive to make that possible for every entrepreneur, at any stage of development. We want every new business owner in our collective to succeed, and a great site is absolutely essential to that end. 

Matt Ogden

Matthew Ogden is a Minneapolis-based copywriter and content writer and editor. He’s written for national retailers and lobster roll companies alike. When not writing he can be found nose deep in a book, writing and performing music, or nerding out about guitar tone.

P.S. This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves—we’re not just in it for the money.

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