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Full Website Customization

If you don’t have the time to customize your website, we’re here to help! You can add this option when you sign up for your website or purchase it at any point afterwards. 

Here’s how it works:

Collect Your Content

We’ll send you a list of everything you’ll need to send us for your website. Our checklist goes page-by-page over your template, describing everything you’ll need to upload in our portal. This includes:

  • Font choices
  • Color choices
  • Logo
  • Images
  • Copy

Upload content to our portal

Log into our portal and upload all of your choices and content.

Our portal makes it easy to see what you need to upload and which design choices need to be made.

Your choices will not be submitted to us until the entire form has been filled out and all of your photos and copy have been added

We customize within 48 hours

Once the form has been submitted to us we will customize your site within 48 hours.

We provide one free revision if you’re not happy with how something looks.

Launch and share your new website!


Website customization is $79 for Business Basics websites and $249 for Business Breakthrough + Business Ascension websites.

*All websites come with a free template upgrade after 3 years of continous membership, including free customization!

Professional Copywriting

We’re not all copywriters, and convincing people to invest in your services can be challenging. If you’re not confident in your copywriting abilities, try using our Web Copy Workbook, which will walk you through the process.

If you don’t have the time or energy (or would just rather let the pros handle it), our copywriters will be happy to write your website copy for $150 per page.

The process will involve you filling out an extensive form telling us all about you, so we can craft the perfect voice for your business, your services, and your goals.

Struggling to write captivating copy for your website?

Download our free 60 page workbook to craft copy that speaks directly to your audience + converts them to loyal customers
The cover and one page of our free download Web Copy Workbook, which teaches you how to write your own website copy

Full Service GDPR Compliance Setup