Everything you need to start + operate your business

Virtualcopia Business Collective Toolkit

So you want to launch an online service business… but not sure where to start?

We’ve pulled together a treasure trove of tools and resources for entrepreneurs so you don’t have to worry. We’re here to help solopreneurs thrive!

A Strong Start

Onboarding Kit

Start your working relationship off with a strong foundation. Present professionally while gathering all of the info you need from your client and providing all of the info they should know about working with you

'Working with me' Guide

Welcome new clients with a PDF guide to introduce your professional self to new clients and introduce your systems, procedures, boundaries, and expectations

Client Questionnaire Templates

Learn your clients’ pain points and how to best serve them with our extensive questionnaires. We offer a potential client discovery questionnaire + a client onboarding questionnaire. Clients can fill it out on your website or on Google Forms

Service Agreement Contract Template

No working relationship is official without a service agreement contract. We provide our members an editable professional contract template to suit most needs

Small business accounting tools


Our professional accounting spreadsheet helps you keep your business finances in order. Use our Virtualbooks before investing in Quickbooks or Freshbooks. Also includes a time-tracking sheet

Track Income + Expenses

Just enter your income payments and your expenses and the sheet will do the math for you! Categorize your expenses as you go to simplify tax time

Calculate Quarterly Tax

Virtualbooks automatically calculates your estimated quarterly tax payments as you go, so you’ll never be surprised

Video Tutorial

We’ll walk you through every step of using Virtualbooks in a video tutorial. We’ll also send you tax reminders so you never miss a tax deadline

Make your website stand out

Web Copy Workbook

Copywriting doesn’t come naturally to everyone. We’ll help you understand basic copywriting strategy and give you ideas

Copywriting Strategy Basics

Our copywriting guide gives you a page-by-page breakdown of what should be included on every page and how to catch viewers’ attention

Copyable Copy

We’ve listed tons of ideas for fresh + converting copy for each page, section, and module.

Power Word Bank

Some words are just so overused in marketing. We’ve collected alternatives and share them with you in our marketing mini-thesaurus

Mini-course on

Invoicing + Getting Paid

We’ll walk you through setting up your payment hub with your own client portal. Look professional and get paid with ease

Invoicing 101

Learn why invoices are important documents, aside from being a request for payment. We also share invoicing tools + templates

Add Payment Buttons to Your Site

Get paid instantly and easily by adding payment links and buttons to your website

Set up a Branded Client Portal

Set up your very own client portal with your logo and brand colors. Your customers can login and manage their account and you can manage your pricing + clients with no extra cost to you. Win-win!

Email Scripts for

Sticky Client Situations

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you will at some point encounter a situation with a client where you don’t know how to respond. We’ve got you covered. Our email scripts come in a variety of attitudes and flavors

Client is Refusing to Pay an Invoice

Ugh. We all dread this. We’ll share some professional ways to handle this situation, as well as share tools to ensure you get paid

Client Takes Too Long for Approval

If your client doesn’t approve your work within a reasonable timeframe you may not meet your deadlines. Learn how to turn this situation around

Someone Tells You Your Rates Are Too High

You set your rates, and you don’t need to sell yourself short to attract clients that don’t respect your work. Learn to stand your ground on your rates

Get a taste of our toolkit with our Website Copy Workbook

To celebrate our launch we’re sharing access to our in-depth copywriting guide. Download our free 60 page workbook to craft copy that speaks directly to your audience + converts them to loyal customers

The cover and one page of our free download Web Copy Workbook, which teaches you how to write your own website copy