The Safest Login and Password Sharing Software for Freelancers and Clients

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May 15, 2023

In today’s digital age, sharing passwords is often a necessity between clients and freelancers. From email accounts to project management tools, both parties need to access sensitive information to carry out their work. However, sharing login credentials can put personal and confidential data at risk if not done securely. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of safe login and password sharing between clients and freelancers, and discuss the top three password sharing software options.

Why Safe Login and Password Sharing is Critical

When clients and freelancers share login information, they can put their personal and confidential data at risk. Cybercriminals and malicious actors can take advantage of weak passwords or compromised credentials to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. This can lead to data breaches, identity theft, and other security incidents that can cause significant damage to both parties.

Sharing passwords via insecure channels like email or text messages can expose them to interception and compromise. Even when passwords are encrypted, the encryption keys can be stolen, rendering the encryption useless. It is incredibly important to ensure that login credentials are shared securely, with adequate protection for both parties. How is that done? Read on to find out.

Password Sharing Software

Rather than just sending someone all of your sensitive information via the usual channels, freelancers should use a password manager software. These are specifically designed to keep information secure for both parties and don’t share the actual passwords themselves. 

They essentially get put in a vault that the client grants the freelancer some access to via the freelancer’s own generated password (which they can revoke at any time), though the passwords themselves stay encrypted. 

Lastpass was the leader in password management…until in December of 2022 they revealed that they had had multiple data breaches. The breaches in and of themselves weren’t ideal, though almost every company has had to deal with that at some point. What was worse was that it took them so long to fess up to it, leaving their clients wide open to ID theft and unable to (and unaware that they needed to) secure themselves. Since then some of the underdogs have risen to the top of the list:


Dashlane is a popular secure password manager that offers a range of features to keep login credentials safe. It encrypts passwords and stores them in secure cloud storage, allowing users to access them from any device. 

Dashlane also enables users to create complex passwords for each account and share them securely with others. The service offers two-factor authentication to further protect accounts, and provides an emergency contact feature that sends out alerts if there is suspicious activity on an account.


Keeper Security is another great option for secure password sharing and login management. With Keeper, you can store usernames, passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in an encrypted vault that can only be accessed with a master password or military-grade encryption key. 

The service also offers file synchronization features, allowing you to transfer files between devices while keeping them safe behind 256-bit encryption standards.


RoboForm is a reliable password manager that takes security seriously, providing AES-256 bit encryption protections for all stored data. It offers an AutoFill function for quick logins across multiple devices and further protects user data with the use of biometrics such as touch ID or Face ID, depending on the device used to access RoboForm’s services.

Password Sharing Software Benefits

Password sharing software offers numerous benefits for clients and freelancers who need to share login information. For example, these tools can make it easier to generate and manage strong passwords, reducing the risk of credential theft. Password managers can help make the password sharing process more secure by offering features like one-time passwords, multi-factor authentication, and automatic logouts for increased security. 

Password managers also store encrypted versions of user credentials so that only those with authorized access can see them—further protecting against malicious actors trying to gain access through brute force attacks or other forms of cybercrime. Password managers can also provide real-time notifications when someone attempts to log into an account using stolen credentials; this way, users can quickly revoke access if needed.


Safe login and password sharing is vital for clients and freelancers who need to access confidential data to carry out their work. Tools like the above offer features that make password sharing more secure and manageable, reducing the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and other security incidents. Therefore, clients and freelancers should prioritize using these tools to ensure that login credentials are shared securely, protecting both parties from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Matt Ogden

Matthew Ogden is a Minneapolis-based copywriter and content writer and editor. He’s written for national retailers and lobster roll companies alike. When not writing he can be found nose deep in a book, writing and performing music, or nerding out about guitar tone.

P.S. This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves—we’re not just in it for the money.

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