100 In-Demand Niches for Virtual Assistants

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October 27, 2022
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We’ve gathered a list of 100 niches that are open to virtual assistants, though by no means is this list complete. There are as many avenues as your imagination and ingenuity can offer—a truly endless assortment.

The following should be used as inspiration and who knows, maybe your future career is on the list:

1. Photo editing

High-quality photos and images are a necessity for almost every aspect of marketing these days. Many busy photographers don’t have time to edit their own photos. They rely on VAs with photo editing skills to perfect their images. You can further niche down your clientele to specialize in wedding photography, senior and family portraits, product photography, or even pet photography. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are two industry-standard programs you should be proficient with to pursue this niche. 

2. Content Writing

Content is king. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but really let it sink in. What does it mean exactly? Well, having high-quality content serves an audience well and attracts more people to join your audience. Written content, especially blogs, is incredibly valuable for marketing purposes. Sure, blogs aren’t as flashy as social media posts, but they can be more powerful. Well strategized written content, informative blog posts with well-researched keywords distributed responsibly throughout the article will be indexed by search engines and help elevate a website to a higher ranking. If you love to research and write, this may be a great niche for you. We recommend starting your own blog first, both for practice and to show potential employers your skills. 

3. Canva Creator

If you’ve found your way to this site then I’m fairly certain you know of Canva. Canva is a revolutionary graphic design program that provides thousands of premade templates for everything from social media posts, to resumes, to logos. Canva skills have become one of the fastest-growing requirements for virtual assistants in the past few years. Canva provides access to an astonishing amount of templates and assets for free. If you are planning on specializing in Canva creation, however, we recommend investing in Canva Pro, which allows you to save images with transparent backgrounds, resize your files, create branding kits, upload custom fonts, and access premium templates and stock photos. 

4. Travel Planning

While the age of the travel agent has passed, the age of business travel has not (perhaps aside from a short break in 2020). VAs who specialize in travel planning often land contracts with corporations and executives, building relationships and familiarity with client travel habits and expectations. Travel planning virtual assistants are well versed in searching for flights, accommodation, and often planning meals and activities in countless destinations. 

5. Branding

Branding is more than just a logo. Branding can encompass defining a business’s personality and identity. Many VAs offer branding services that range from creating a logo and visual identity to characterizing a brand’s voice and persona. Whether you have graphic design skills or creative storytelling skills, you can be successful in branding as a virtual assistant niche. 

6. Web Design

Do you enjoy web design but don’t want to work for an agency? There is a huge demand for web designers. Whether you specialize in design only or also build websites, this is a great specialization for VAs. Are you extremely familiar with Squarespace? Do you just love Wix or WordPress? Great! Most people loathe the idea of designing and/or building a website. Take those headaches out of the equation for your clients or become a contractor for an agency. 

7. Website Management

What can cause a business owner more headaches than building their own website? Managing it, of course. Most business owners don’t have the time to make updates to their sites to reflect inventory or business hours. It may take them months to get around to publishing a new blog or adding a new team member. This is a great niche for virtual assistants who are comfortable on the backend of a website. 

8. E-commerce Assistant

E-commerce is only set to keep growing. Many shop owners seek help in managing inventory, uploading new products, communicating with customers, and shipping physical products. E-commerce influencers saturate YouTube with videos on how to make $50k+ a month with an eCommerce shop. While that may not be feasible for most people, all of those videos preach a business model that relies on VAs to take care of many of the day-to-day operations of the eCommerce business. If you’re new to the idea, check out some of the eCommerce YouTube videos for suggestions on tasks to offer. 

9. Calendar Management

So many business owners and entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and constantly being bombarded with requests for their attention. For them, sometimes managing their calendar can distract them from whatever they are in the middle of or just cause headaches in general. Calendar management can entail tasks from planning the week ahead to scheduling appointments. 

10. Appointment Setting

While apps like Calendly and Dubsado are lifesavers for scheduling and managing appointments for industries like ours, they don’t work for everyone. Some businesses prefer human-to-human interaction when scheduling appointments. Industries where this may be a vital service include real estate, personal trainers, and executives who prefer to have their availability confirmed before a meeting is scheduled. Remember, just because your clients might not use scheduling apps doesn’t mean you can’t use them to keep their appointments in order. 

11. Invoicing

Invoicing is something many of us would love to not have to deal with. Many service-based businesses deal with manual invoicing, especially if services are one-off or vary from month to month. As a virtual assistant, you can become an invoicing specialist, pulling in often pre-defined fees for various services requested or rendered. Part of this specialization may include chasing invoices or following up with unpaid invoices. 

12. Email Management

Email management seems pretty self-explanatory. It can also be hard to imagine that someone may need help managing their emails. Believe it or not, having a VA help manage an inbox can free up a ridiculous percentage of a business person’s day. Entrepreneurs know how many emails come in a day, and most of us are checking our inbox(es) before we get out of bed in the morning. Having someone to set up systems for filtering and labeling incoming mail, forwarding emails to other team members, and creating stock replies to common inquiries can save tons of  time. If you can master email management, you can offer an extremely valuable service to business owners. 

13. Client Relations

Whether a business owner is an introvert or they just don’t have time to engage with their clients, you can drastically improve their workflow by becoming a liaison between them and their clients. To do this effectively, you should be very familiar with the services the business owner provides and have a patient disposition, as client communication can sometimes prove frustrating. 

14. Newsletter Design

Email marketing has become one of the best ways of growing and communicating with an audience. So much so that we are all bombarded by newsletters, deals, and updates every day. Newsletter design has become more of a fine art— yours really has to stand out if you want your audience to engage with it. While many newsletter service providers supply you with showy templates, many businesses are opting for custom-designed newsletters to stand out from the crowd. The market for these are growing, and so is the demand for virtual assistants who create them. 

15. Email Marketing

Beyond just designing a great-looking newsletter, email marketing strategy is of huge importance. Newsletters are very rarely a one-off. Email sequences are the key to nurturing leads and encouraging purchases. Setting up email campaigns and automations has become a highly valuable skill. Many newsletter service providers, like SendInBlue provide free training on email marketing.

16. Data Entry

Though data entry was one of the original VA specialties, it hasn’t gone anywhere. People generally assume that data entry work doesn’t pay very well, but that isn’t always the case. If you have a background in a certain industry, your expertise can earn you higher wages than the average data entry technician. 

17. Transcription

Transcription is another specialty that might seem a bit outdated, but with the rise in accessibility awareness, it’s more prevalent than ever. Web accessibility calls for images and videos to be accompanied on the back end by text describing the images. Even with the rise in AI-powered transcribing tools, many companies lack the time to use even the most efficient tools to transcribe their clips. You can specialize in transcription and use these tools yourself to maximize your time. 

18. Spreadsheet Specialist

I’ll admit it…I loathe spreadsheets. When first building my business I used Google Sheets to track basic income and expenses but the thought of programming the sheet to do math for me, well, scared me. Spreadsheets can be one of the most powerful tools in a business’s arsenal for keeping track of any number of things. If you love spreadsheets and can program them to make alchemical business magic, this niche is for you.

19. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a fairly broad field with many sub-niches. From logo design, to page layout, to packaging design, to creating motion graphics for social media, there is endless opportunity in the field. Graphic design virtual assistants allow for clients to employ their services as needed or on a monthly retainer to create ongoing graphics. If you are an ace in Adobe or any of the open source alternatives, this could be a great career for you. 

20. Payroll Administration

Payroll can be a huge headache to small business owners who have a million other tasks to deal with. Because payroll is not something that can be put off and requires dedicated time and headspace, business owners are often eager to hand this task off to someone who specializes in it. 

21. Reputation Management

With the growing importance of online reviews for products and businesses, so too grows the importance of reputation management. Reputation management involves responding to reviews, complaints, and questions on both a private and public level to ensure a business’s best face is put forward to possible customers and clients. This involves platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, Trip Advisor, and often various social media profiles. Once you have a good feel for the voice of a company you could take over as their reputation manager. 

22. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a gargantuan pillar in the marketing world. Most marketing agencies that offer FB ads services will have at least one dedicated FB Ads specialist, or outsource them as needed. If you don’t already have experience utilizing Facebook ads I suggest you take a course and run some test campaigns to make sure this is the path for you. While it seems straightforward, there are a lot of technical terms and measurement indicators you will need to become familiar with to run successful campaigns. Facebook ad VAs are in high demand and are generally compensated handsomely. 

23. Social Media Management

Social Media Management may be the fastest rising niche for virtual assistants at the moment. While there is already an abundance of freelancers and VAs offering this service, don’t let that scare you away. It is more important than ever for businesses to have a strong presence on social media to grow and interact with their existing and potential customers. Most business owners lack either time, interest, or know-how when it comes to social media. Businesses ’ social media goals and budgets also vary widely. It’s certainly not too late to start your virtual assistant niche business in social media marketing. 

24. Business Coach Assistant

Business coaches, as well as life coaches and online counselors, are incredibly popular businesses. Within the field, there are many opportunities for VAs to improve the workflow for coaches. They can often use help with bookkeeping, schedule management, and social media so that they focus on coaching. If you have the behind the scenes business management skills, supporting life coaches may be an excellent virtual assistant niche for you.

25. Human Resources (HR)

As small businesses grow they often need to hire additional employees. Managing employees is one thing, but managing all of the paperwork and legal obligations required for employees can be quite overwhelming for a business owner. If you have any experience in human resources, or have a passion for this kind of work, this could be a successful virtual assistant niche for you.

26. Editing

Even the best writers need some help editing. In fact the best writers especially know the value of editing. A great editor can be the difference between good and great (or looking like an idiot, depending on your grasp of grammar, spelling and syntax), and after staring at a piece you’ve written for too long, it’s easy to lose sight of the point. This is where a second set of eyes comes in. Many small businesses don’t have the personnel or the skill set to edit and virtual assistants can make good money in this niche.

27. Ebook Production

Ebooks are extremely popular. Oftentimes they are the carrot a business will dangle in front of a prospective client to get them entered into a lead generation funnel and to get their email and other precious contact information. Many people need help properly formatting ebooks for e-readers and common screen sizes, as well as designing covers and occasionally ghostwriting. 

28. Bookkeeping

Almost everyone has at least a passing acquaintance with bookkeeping, if only through their own personal finances and budget. You know how much time and effort this can take and the consequences of not being accurate at it. If you have a knack for numbers you can find several businesses looking to offload this particular task. You should have a good working knowledge of spreadsheets and bookkeeping software, though even those are easily learned through online courses. 

29. Tax Preparation

This is another niche that someone with accounting skills can get into. Maybe you already work for a tax prep organization and would just like to set out on your own. More and more often, tax preparation is done remotely as it is, so there’s no reason why you can’t succeed as a tax prep virtual assistant or freelancer. Accounting knowledge is a must, plus familiarity with tax code, but if you already have that knowledge, why not be your own boss?

30. Retreat Logistics

Retreats are a core component of many business models. Yoga, therapy, weight management are all examples, just to name a few. Perhaps you have a knack for organizing events—if so, this could be a good option for you as a virtual assistant.

31. Online Business Management (OBM)

Some entrepreneurs tend to work on the tasks that they do best and that most interest them while administrative tasks fall to the wayside. Online business management is another one of the fastest-growing virtual assistant niches. This can include things such as setting up systems and software management for scheduling, project management, bookkeeping, and contracts. If you are great at looking at chaotic situations, breaking it down into manageable pieces, and creating systems, this niche could be a great fit for you. Additionally, if your client wants you to manage the systems you’ve set up, charge accordingly. You could have your books filled with as few as one or two clients.

32. Real Estate

Real estate agents, like any other business, need all kinds of administrative help. If you have a passion for property, this could be an excellent niche for you to break into. 

33. Affiliate Program Management

One of the most profitable income streams for a lot of bloggers, coaches and any number of other online-based industries is affiliate marketing. Someone reads about a product you mention on your site, clicks over to buy it and boom—you’ve just made some money. Many businesses have a vast number of affiliates they work with, and someone needs to keep track of all of it. There are software programs to manage it, but someone still needs to run that software and stay on top of it all. And it works from both sides, the payer and the payee. Virtual assistants are often hired to keep it all organized and flowing smoothly. 

34. Paper Grading / Professor’s Assistant

This is just like it sounds. Professors often will foist this off to underclassmen, though a lot of what they need goes beyond simply grading papers. More and more professors are looking for someone reliable to handle the day to day minutia of research and helping them organize their class prep. 

35. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the most widely used social media platforms  for inspiration. It’s therefore no surprise that Pinterest marketing has become a focus of so many business’s marketing strategies. If you’re familiar with the site and have some creative energy to harness, this might be a good niche for you. 

36. LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is still one of the largest and most widely used networking apps, and a place where a lot of businesses look to recruit talent. Whether the headhunter or headhuntee, it’s important to look professional and stay organized. This is under the umbrella of HR, but a crucial and highly focused area that can be a full time job for some larger organizations. 

37. Keyword Research

If you can’t see it, you can’t buy it. Or hire it. Or sell it or feature it. Google search anything and take a note of the number of hits. Just googling “virtual assistant” nets you 749 million. How does one get to the top? Search engine optimization (SEO) is how, a massive part of which is keywords. Google looks for certain words and phrases to marry with a user’s search, and if you miss the right words, your info will be buried with the rest of the 748,999,999 sites. Companies put more and more weight on this niche, and it is a perfect job to hire out to a virtual assistant.

38. Recruiting / Interviewing

If you’ve never hired before, it can be an intimidating and confusing task. Get the right person and you’re golden. Get the wrong one, and they can be a nightmare that drags on until you have to fire them. Worse yet, they can drag your business down with them. Having someone with experience and a talent for sorting the wheat from the chaff is invaluable. If you have some experience here, this could be a perfect option for you. 

39. Nonprofit Support

Nonprofits have administrative duties just like traditional businesses, though their philosophy may better suit certain virtual assistants whose values align with their missions. 

40. Medical Industry Messaging

The medical industry is constantly evolving and changing, and therefore so does its content. The Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example (ironically inspiring many people to work remotely as virtual assistants). There’s a massive need for content creation, and if you have some medical background and a passion for writing, this could be the perfect niche for you. 

41. Cannabis Industry Assistant

The cannabis industry has exploded in recent years. Largely still in its infancy, cannabis business owners are learning on the fly, without any precedent or even policy to guide them. The industry faces its own unique challenges, in terms of banking and advertising. For a virtual assistant with the right mindset, this could be a fascinating and very creative field to get into.

42. Financial Services Content Creation

While some people’s eyes glaze over at the thought of writing or reading about finance, others find themselves enraptured by the prospect. If you’re one of the latter, this could be the niche for you. While some financial background is helpful, a lot of this content creation can be researched and gleaned from current events and trends.

43. Website SEO

While a lot of people understand the importance of SEO in blog writing, it’s hugely important to make sure the copy on your website stays on top of current algorithms and keyword trends as well. Virtual assistants can do very well offering website SEO audits and adjustments, or full-on SEO copywriting services for businesses. 

44. App Testing

New apps hit the market all the time, but long before they ever see the light of day, there are people beta testing them to discover and work out all the bugs. It’s essentially quality control, and there can be good money to be had at it. One huge plus is that essentially anyone can do it, as many apps are designed for the everyday average user. 

45. Market Research

This is a very broad segment of commerce that can mean several different things. Some companies have a product they believe is good but aren’t quite sure whom to sell to. Some e-commerce sites already have a demographic they specialize in but are unsure of the product to sell. Virtual assistants can contribute on both sides of this niche.

46. Facebook Group Moderation

Some Facebook groups achieve a high enough membership that a paid moderation position is warranted. If you’re good at walking the line of fairness and can steer conversations back to relevance, this is an option. 

47. Podcast Management

If you have some knowledge of audio recording software and editing, you may be perfect for podcast publishing. While podcasters will interview and chat, often for hours at a time, these recordings need to be polished into a digestible episode— often with ads to be placed throughout. There are plenty of training videos easily found on YouTube for free.

48. Farm Business Assistant

While the days of the quaint family farm are not completely gone, by and large farming has gone as digital as the rest of the world. Corporate farms need all kinds of digital assistance, from tracking prices and weather to HR, social media strategy, and CSA management. 

49. Customer Service  

Customer service is the unsung hero of so many businesses. It can make or break them, depending on the quality level. If you are patient and rational, customer service could be a good option. Easy to perform remotely, and endlessly helpful, customer service help is a much needed role for any business. This can be done via chat bot, email, or phone, depending on the hiring company’s needs.

50. Amazon Account Management

There was a time where Amazon sold only books. Now they sell everything. Moreover, pretty much anyone can sell their own goods on Amazon today. While Amazon does take a cut of the profit, they also open a business’s products to a world of buyers they wouldn’t have otherwise have had access to before. Many businesses want to get this audience but that involves them essentially opening a whole new (virtual) location. Virtual assistants are often tabbed to manage these virtual stores.

51. Fact Checking

When writers produce a piece of writing, accuracy is essential. At best, errors can destroy any and all credibility. At worst, they can find themselves on the wrong end of a legal battle. To avoid this, they will often employ fact checkers to ensure that the work they have produced is valid and accurate. In the case of journalism, time is of the essence, so flexibility in scheduling is important. Less so for other types of writing, but either way a virtual assistant can have a good career tracking down the truth.

52. YouTube management

YouTube has become an income stream for a lot of people worldwide. Just like any other business, at some point, their channel goes beyond the point where they can manage alone. A YouTube manager may be asked to edit, upload, and organize videos, respond to comments, and any number of other tasks. 

53. Blog Proofreader

How’s your english? This one is kind of a niche within a niche. It is a form of editing, though a very focused version. Like standard editing, there are certain language rules you typically want to follow, however a lot of bloggers have a voice they want to cultivate that may bend the rules a little. If you’re an OCD language stickler, this might not be for you. If you’re willing to be creative and assist someone achieve their own personal vision, this could be perfect.

54. UX Consultant

Before any software ever hits the market, it’s been put through hours and hours of testing by multiple people, essentially to try to break it. This is how bugs get discovered and fixed. If you have experience in the User Experience industry, interactive design, or development, this might be a good niche for you.

55. Resume Specialist

This is a niche that’s been around for decades, though it used to be done entirely in person. The need for that has long since been done away with and it has been performed remotely for years. Resume styles and content are ever evolving and moving targets. There are specialists who track and research current trends and styles to make sure resumes float to the top of the hiring pile, all of which can be done from the comfort of their own homes. These days resume specialists tend to niche down into specific industries like tech, medicine, education, design, etc. 

56. Sales Funnel Expert

Do you love orchestrating the flow of a transaction? Are you great at subtly upselling? With a little training you could be orchestrating sales funnels for companies as a profession. Virtual assistants can do very well designing and implementing sales funnel techniques from the comfort of their own homes. 

57. Event Planning

Do you love throwing parties? Do you go to an even and see 100 things you would have done differently? Every day there are weddings, funerals, corporate gatherings, pageants, quinceañeras, birthday parties and more that need to be planned, and not everyone has the time, patience or talent to do it. It is a huge niche that you could very easily just specialize in one event type and make a career out of. 

58. Art direction

Art direction is about communicating visual design. If you already have an artistic eye and a keen sense of style, this could be a good niche for you. Art direction is a position in graphic design, web building, film, advertising, and print media. To get hired as a freelance art director you will need an impressive portfolio.

59. Influencer Marketing Specialist

Being an Influencer has turned into a career of its own. But while the personalities are out there influencing…who’s back home managing the output? At a certain level, influencers need all sorts of help, from managing social media posts and sorting and editing photos, to travel planning and logistics. If you have a high level of organization and some marketing savvy, this could be for you.

60. 3D Modeling

3D modeling has become big business, especially with the advent and gaining popularity of affordable 3D printers. Rarely does a hard good come to market without being thoroughly modeled in a 3D program. If you’re nimble with graphic software programs this could be a good niche to enter. 

61. Video Editing

Countless websites and content creators use video. The most popular social media platforms today are more and more video heavy. Most of the videos you see have undergone professional editing. Another niche within a niche, all sorts of businesses and individuals need video editing. If you have any experience at all, this could be a good fit for you. There are tutorials galore, and almost as many editing apps as tutorials. 

62. Growth Strategist

If you have a knack for digital marketing strategy this could be a goldmine of a niche for you. A Growth strategist is generally hired by a business to advise how to improve conversion rate optimization for their website and digital assets by implementing a long-term plan.

63. Course Creation

Courses are earning coaches, influencers, and thought leaders crazy amounts of money these days. So much so, it seems everyone wants to launch a course. Most people lack the technical know-how to set up an online course. From curriculum development and organization to integrating the curriculum with the website, there is A LOT that goes into developing a course. If you’re familiar with any of the big names in LMS (Learning Management Systems) you should be able to easily find clients.

64. Book Cover Design

If you’re a good illustrator or have a solid knowledge of graphic design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, you could work as a virtual assistant designing book covers. There are a lot of publishers out there and they are always in need of good designers. 

65. Content Manager

A content manager is generally responsible for overseeing the publishing of a business’s content. This is often in the form of blogs, but can also include some social media depending on the scope of the contract. They usually have a strategy and schedule in place that needs to be followed and they are responsible for the overall quality of the published work. The content manager is sometimes responsible for developing content as well, through creating it or outsourcing. 

66. Illustrator

Illustrators have been around for a millennia, and despite the rise of AI art software, they will continue to be valuable for the foreseeable future. If you have digital illustration skills your work is in demand for online and print publications, website designers, corporate collateral, manufacturers and retailers. It’s important to have a strong portfolio and be easily contactable to succeed as a freelance illustrator.

67. Public Relations

Public relations has been around seemingly forever. These days PR specialists often serve as matchmakers between businesses and audiences. If you’re great at writing press releases or pitching stories to magazines and publications, this could be a great niche for you.

68. Grant Writing

Nonprofits and many other businesses are only able to exist through the support of grant funding. While some might have regular benefactors to keep them afloat, by and large most need to seek out funding on a regular basis. Grant writers are a key piece to this puzzle. If you have excellent writing skills this could be the perfect niche for you.

69. Yoga Studio Business Support

Yoga studios often employ several different instructors at any given moment, each with their own individual schedules. Multiply that by the number of clients and classes and you’ve got a scheduling scenario that would make anyone’s head spin. There’s also the day to day operations of any traditional business that require attention. If you have great organizational skills and some office management experience this could be a good option for you. 

70. Launch Specialist

A launch specialist helps liaison between stakeholders in a launch, whether launching a business, course, or product. Tasks can vary widely, but often include pre-launch marketing, client communication, team/stakeholder communication, writing documentation and reports, and managing schedules and timelines. Each launch will be different and require different duties, but understanding the overall flow of a launch is a prerequisite. 

71. Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality marketing freelancers specialize in restaurants, hotels, and resorts by managing social media, reviews, reputation management, and a host of other tasks that are often outsourced to remote workers. 

72. Church Business Assistant

Churches often operate similar to traditional businesses. While many people may be passionate about the community and spiritual messaging, someone still needs to take care of things like scheduling the plumbing and repair work, bookkeeping, and general marketing. 

73. Business Babysitting

We predict that this will become a larger specialty in the years to come as more people are starting their own businesses. What is a solopreneur to do when they want to go on vacation or travel to a funeral? They can hire a business babysitter to take over client communications and urgent tasks that can’t wait. We haven’t seen too many VAs specializing in this yet, but we know countless businesses that could use them!

74. Law Firm Virtual Assistant

A legal virtual assistant can save a firm overhead by performing a number of important tasks without having to be an office employee. Legal VAs can schedule appointments, perform email management, send and follow up on invoices, and even do some research. 

75. Project Management

A freelance project manager or project manager virtual assistant will oversee and manage the flow of a project as assigned by the hiring company. This often includes managing and coordinating the team, making sure everyone is adhering to the schedule and budget, delivering reports to stakeholders, making sure the product is well tested, and helping plan the launch. You can do especially well in this niche if you have extensive experience or formal training in a variety of project management methodologies.

76. Location Scouting

Location scouts compile a list of locations that fit the needs and requests for a film or photo shoot. Location scouts often need to take photos of the locations and coordinate legal permission to shoot with the owners. If you are incredibly familiar with and know some off-the beaten path locales in your city, you should consider becoming a freelance location scout. 

77. Technical Writing

A freelance technical writer or technical writer virtual assistant will often be responsible for writing instructions and documentation for products or processes. One requirement for this niche is the ability to take complex ideas and processes and be able to walk average and/or nontechnical people through them. Many companies outsource the writing of their documentation and this is likely to be a popular niche for some time.

78. Gifting Specialist

Gifting specialists are often hired by busy business executives to help choose and order gifts to be delivered to clients, coworkers, event attendees, friends and family. There is some level of research required here to find gifts that are thoughtful and appropriate for the recipients. 

79. Translation

Freelance translators are in high demand with so much modern business occurring on a global level. Translation virtual assistants must be fluent in more than one language and be clear communicators. They are often hired to translate written materials, informational videos, and live events. 

80. Dropshipping Support

Dropshipping virtual assistants came into high demand in the last decade with the rise of dropshipping. While dropshipping is not as ubiquitous as it was a year or two ago, you’d be surprised how many online retailers still use this business model. Virtual assistants are generally hired for customer support, shipping fulfillment, and product research. 

81. Fundraising

Fundraising virtual assistants help nonprofits, startups, and events with raising capital. Tasks that are generally associated with this niche are customer service and community outreach, updating donor databases, email and snail mailing promotional materials, and compiling and distributing reports.

82. Etsy Shop Management

Just like other online retailers, Etsy shop owners can often use operational assistance. An Etsy virtual assistant can help advertise and market a shop, take care of customer communications, and update shipping information.

83. Webinar Creation/Production

A webinar virtual assistant or freelance webinar specialist can help with every aspect of setting up a webinar from graphics creation and script writing, uploading content to the platform, ticket sales, and audience management. Webinars are still very popular in the corporate world. We recommend finding a corporate sub-niche for best success.  

84. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / Privacy Policy Auditing

The European Union, along with several other countries have adopted the GDPR, which has several requirements and regulations regarding data and personal privacy. Should a website not adhere to its stipulations, the business can be held liable. California has passed a similar measure, and the rest of the world is taking note and starting to follow suit. GDPR and technical privacy specialists are definitely going to become more in-demand as other states and countries implement and enforce similar regulations. 

85. Google Analytics specialist

A Google Analytics virtual assistant helps businesses analyze traffic to their website and help strategize where best to focus their marketing resources. Google offers a number of free courses to learn everything from the basics to advanced analytics. This is, and will continue for some time, to be a valuable niche. 

86. PPC Ad Management

Much of online ad revenue gets funneled into “Paid Per Click” advertising. Every time someone clicks through an ad (and hopefully makes a purchase!), the business gets charged for that click. PPC ad management has become a large part of many businesses’ advertising budget. If you are familiar with SEO and Paid Per Click ad strategy this could be a good niche for you.

87. Database Management

Database management virtual assistants are generally responsible for data entry, verifying accuracy of existing information in the database, and running reports. These are important but time consuming and tedious tasks that many businesses outsource. If you are technically savvy, highly organized and are skilled at spreadsheets and streamlining systems and processes, this niche may suit you.

88. Recipe Testing & Editing

Believe it or not, people are hired to test recipes at home! For the right virtual assistant, this could be a dream job. There are thousands of food blogs and cookbooks who hire people to follow their recipes and give feedback. If you are meticulous and great at fact-checking, following instructions and offering constructive criticism, this could be your perfect niche. 

89. Supply Chain Management

A supply chain or logistics virtual assistant is generally tasked with procurement, as in ordering supplies, inventory control, and communications, in addition to following up on orders and shipments. They can also help with data processing and entry. 

90. Kickstarter Campaign Management

A Kickstarter virtual assistant can be responsible for anything from creating graphics and videos or writing copy to communicating with investors and potential investors. There is so much work that goes into a successful Kickstarter (or IndieGoGo, etc) and the business is often focused on developing and following through with the offer.

91. Business Efficiency Auditing

Business efficiency virtual assistants find ways to make a business run more efficiently and productively. From finding repetitive tasks that can be automated or outsourced to setting up systems and workflows that save time and energy, many businesses can benefit from a freelance efficiency specialist.  

92. Relocation Specialist

Many people are too busy with their careers and obligations to manage the minutia involved in relocating. From hiring packers or movers, to canceling and setting up utilities, or even finding a gym or school in the new city, there is a market for virtual relocation assistants.   

93. WordPress Specialist

WordPress powers 43% of the internet’s sites at the time of this writing. Businesses utilize WordPress sites for blogging, e-commerce, online learning, and data management. If you’re technically savvy and familiar with the platform, you can market yourself as a WordPress specialist virtual assistant and help with tasks like publishing, design edits, and maintenance. There are many free and premium trainings to get you up to speed for this lucrative niche. 

94. Volunteer Management

A volunteer management virtual assistant usually helps recruit and train volunteers, as well as keep track of their progress and paperwork. Organizations of all kinds use volunteers and often don’t have in-house volunteer managers. Most of these tasks can be performed online, especially if the training can be completed remotely. 

95. Content Repurposing

A virtual assistant specializing in content repurposing creates new social media posts and blogs from content a business has already developed and published. Fresh posts boost SEO and make a site more visible and pertinent to Google searches. This takes some skill and finesse, as the search engines do not like duplicate content. With the importance placed on quality content in today’s marketing, this is a fast-growing area of expertise.

96. Stock Photo Sourcing

Businesses of all kinds use stock images for marketing, packaging, education aids, and internal collateral. Most businesses use premium stock photo resources and need assistance in sourcing these images. While this may sound simple, there are often many issues to consider in finding the right image for a business’s use, most importantly licensing requirements. If you have an artistic eye and are familiar with image licensing, this could be the niche for you.

97. Dubsado Setup

Dubsado is a massively in-depth customer relations management (CRM) software that helps service providers manage their businesses. With its great power comes great sophistication and complexity, to the extent that there are whole businesses dedicated solely to harnessing and managing its capabilities. There are also businesses dedicated to training on it. Many business owners hire Dubsado virtual assistants to set up their CRM to perfectly suit their unique business needs. If you are very comfortable with Dubsado you can absolutely make a career out of helping other business owners with it. 

98. Google Workspace (formally G Suite) Setup

A Google Workspace virtual assistant helps other businesses set up their Google Workspace accounts. This platform features several business tools that integrate with each other, allowing for automation and ease of use. It can take a bit of time to set up the professional accounts and make them really work for a business. Many VAs specialize in setting up the Google Workspace platform for other businesses. Some virtual assistants have made a living simply setting up spreadsheets and templates for small businesses using the free G Suite app. Google offers free resources and training on the apps, making it easy to familiarize oneself. If you’re good at building within this platform, it might be a good niche for you to enter. 

99. Tech Virtual Assistant

Tech virtual assistants are generally comfortable with a number of different behind-the-scenes skill sets, including website development, website maintenance, setting up automations, or implementing email marketing campaigns. Tech VAs are often hired by agencies and are expected to know or learn quickly how to do a number of technical tasks. (*Fun fact: this is how the founder of Virtualcopia got her start!)

100. Niching strategist

A niching strategy virtual assistant helps businesses niche down their targeting to very specific markets and demographics. This helps hyper-focus marketing efforts and often helps the business create a better product to fit the unique needs of their audience. VAs who want to focus on niching should have skills in market research and analytics. 


I am the founder of VIRTUALCOPIA Business Collective and a self-employment enthusiast. I hope to inspire others to take a leap into their own entrepreneurial journeys while providing resources and support, and facilitating a community.

P.S. This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves—we’re not just in it for the money.

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